Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

The Fashion Press Sacha Hilton

The most stylist boy I've seen on the interweb, this beautiful 18 year old Parisian takes stunning photographs. Solitary moments and some on the dance floor. Photographs which resemble the thoughtfulness of of the infamous Lina Scheynius. Though the scenery is lovely what strikes me the most about his photographs are the nostalgic 50's feel of his outfits.

Sacha Hilton dresses like something out of a classic film. The first photo looks like something out of La Dolce Vita while the second looks like Audrey Hepburn's love interest in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If one thing is for sure, Sacha is bringing back class. I remember a few months ago wishing that bow ties would come back for they look so slick. Sacha has brought them back, along with some other awesome pieces. I strongly recommend you check out his page by clicking here.

Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Little Pretties Sacha Hilton


Well I always knew French boys were cute, but who knew they could be this cute, and this talented. Well one of them is anyway, and his name is Sacha Hilton. And I know the last name Hilton might cause your mind to conjure up (terrifying, if you ask me) visions of overexplosed socialite named Paris Hilton, but I'm sure Sacha and Paris have no relation. Though if they do, let me just publicly pick a side now: Team Sacha!

Paris has nothing on Sacha's vision-driven, stunning photographs, and if he's this talented at 17, imagine where he'll be years from now. For those busy socialites (like um, cough, Paris), get to the real photo gems in a jiff, by high-tailing it to entries "Wake Up!", "Sacha Hilton..." and surrounding entries for the best of this Parisian boy's snaps.

And don't forget to check out those baby blues in the right hand box below the "Who am I?" frame. I think it's safe to say: girls, eat your hearts out.

Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Sacha Hilton on Blogger

Posted a feature on him before, based on his Lookbook page. Now he's a full fledged blogger.

Simple and unassuming, yet so chic, he glitters.

He takes amazing photographs of Paris. He seems to sink his hand into the city. (Apparently he also has friends who are good with the lens.)

It's strange that his nightlife images look so plastic seen against his day pictures, which are flooded with light and bordered by creeping shadows.

Sacha has shots with rain, rust, bent metal, fountains, and ash.

His blog documents melancholy in varying measures.

Beauty and youth that is sickly sweet that delight often wanders into delirium.

Makes you want to ask whether fashion is a refuge for the lost.

Even I cannot answer that as honestly as I would want.

Paris! Ah, Paris!

Why do you kiss with such blue lips?